One of the biggest confusions people have when they first get into affiliate marketing is how to find products they can make money with. Finding a good affiliate program that converts well into sales is like finding water in a desert. You want the product to be useful for your niche as well as profitable for you. Picking up the right affiliate product is important because it not only impacts conversions and profitability but it also impacts your blog’s reputation and relationships with readers. In my previous post we discussed about the points to consider while choosing an affiliate product, in this post we can see where to find those products.

1. Google it

My first stop is often Google. I simply search for products. Do a search for your keywords on Google. This time look at the Adwords ads on the right. A lot of those ads could be promoting affiliate programs. There is probably an affiliate program for every product and niche out there. Most internet marketing tools offer affiliate programs and you can do a Google search for a product or product category and include the term “affiliate” or “affiliate program” to see if you can find an affiliate program.

2. Look at your competitors blog

A quick glance down the sidebar of another successful blog in your niche will show you what products and services they are promoting and will reveal affiliate products you could promote to. See what programs they are promoting. Keep checking back to see if they keep promoting the same ones – again, those are probably profitable ones. You can click on the products and look for the affiliate program information in order to start promoting the product on your blog too.

3. Use affiliate networks

The top place people go to find affiliate programs are “affiliate networks”.  These are networks of affiliate programs that give you access to thousands of programs, products, and services you can promote. The affiliate network acts as the middleman between you and the affiliate marketing program, tracking your sales independently and making sure that you get paid. The merits of using an affiliate network are that they have the big name companies and they have a long standing of history of being “good for the money”. The popular networks are ClickBank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, PepperJam Network, Google affiliate network etc.

ClickBank has been around for many years and is now probably the biggest single source of affiliate sales. ClickBank is the middle man company of people who have digital products they want to sell and connects them to affiliates that do the advertising for these companies and earn a commission from each sale. ClickBank products offer a very high commission rate because they are digital products and hence start up and transportation cost are very low compared to physical products. You can find that most of ClickBank products are offering a commission of 50% – 75% for each sale.

While choosing a ClickBank product you should have a look on few things – Gravity, Commission and landing page. Gravity is used to measure the popularity and also to tell how well the product sells online. We should try to promote products with high gravity. Choose only products which are offering decent commission so that we get return for our time we spend in promoting. In a separate post I will explain the steps to choose a ClickBank product in detail.

4. Affiliate Directories

There are some directories that list merchants who offer affiliate deals. You can compare between different affiliate programs in terms of payout and conversion rate, read the reviews written by other users and can decide about the program. These directories will certainly help you a lot when you start to involve in the world of affiliate marketing.  Popular affiliate directories include AffiliateScout, AffiliateSeeking, AssociatePrograms, 5 Star Affiliate Programs etc.

5. Online Stores

Most online stores on the internet like the Amazon have affiliate programs for most of their products. They may be offering a small commission rate, but it’s easier to find the potential good products and is well suited for niche blogs. is a great place to find products for almost any niche. Try different products related to your topic and track what converts best for your audience and stick with it. When you promote quality products it is much easier to be both genuine in your reviews and recommendations and get conversions that lead to commission.

These are some of the places where you can find good affiliate programs. Keep in mind that the most important thing in getting success in affiliate marketing is the product selection. Picking up the right product for right audience is the key to success in affiliate marketing business. If you know any other ways to find affiliate products please share it in comments.