Unless you were living on Mars for the last 2 years you might have heard the word SEO at least 10 times a day. SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. It is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in search engines. Have you ever wondered why some websites rank better than others in search results page? SEO is one of the most effective things you can do online, getting your website optimized in such a way that the search engines will reward you by sending traffic your way.

What is the need for SEO?

Studies have shown that most search engine users don’t click past the first three pages of search results; many don’t even click past the first page if they find what they are looking for. Your own experience using search engines probably confirms this. What does this mean? It doesn’t matter how many search engines visit your website; if it isn’t listed in the first three pages, it might as well be invisible. Indeed, getting on the first page, among the top three results will be the best. And that is why we need SEO. Given below are the top 6 reasons why you need to learn SEO.

1. Search Engines can help you achieve your business goals

The internet is a huge market place and people have lost their fear of buying things via web. Search engines become a starting place for a product search. The majority of internet users search at least once a day and E – commerce is booming. Do you want to take advantage of this situation? Then you need to dominate the search results.

2. SEO can help you save a lot of money

If a company is not able to attract search engine visitors what they normally do is to buy sponsored listings in search engines. With increased competition in PPC campaigns these days you have to offer bigger click per rate to show your ad at the top of the listings. If you are not able to convert this paid traffic in to customers you are losing a lot of money. At the same time if you know SEO then you will be able to top the search results and can save a lot of money otherwise you may spend in PPC campaigns.

3. Search engine users prefer natural links than sponsored links

Researches shows that search engine users have a good tendency to click natural links than sponsored links. Experienced search engine users rarely click paid links. So if you are a company focusing only on paid listings then you are limiting your visibility in search engines.

4. Remove negative information

If you have a very successful website on a particular niche then we can never deny the fact that there will be negative information about your company is posted somewhere in the internet. They may in the form is dissatisfied clients, people who don’t like your views, negative comments purposefully posted by your rivals etc. SEO will help you improve your rankings and push your placement up while downplaying pages that contain negative comments about you.

5. Competitor Activity

Your competitors may already start investing in Search Engine Marketing. Unless you start quickly and compete with them they will start dominating search results and force you down. In order to regain your position back you have to analyze their website and find the details like the number of backlinks they have, sites from which they got link backs, selection of keywords, linking patterns etc. Only an in depth knowledge in SEO can help you with this.

6. You can build a brand

Your website is like a brand that you are trying to market. If you have more visitors then you get perceived as a trusted brand by your audience. SEO will help to increase your brand visibility and findability. For example if you are able to top the search results for keywords like ‘health insurance’ (I know it is bit hard to top the search results for such hot keywords), then visitors begin to think that you are one of the best health insurance providers in the world and thus you will begin to considered as a brand.

Hope you understand the need for SEO. So start learning SEO today itself. I am having an SEO special week on this blog and there will be more SEO related posts coming up. Also there is a hot discussion going on about “Your favorite SEO tip”. Participate in discussion, contribute your opinion and get a link back to your blog. Yes, backlinks are the gems in SEO 🙂