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Why Choose a Theme Framework for Your WordPress Website

For designers and developers that frequently work with WordPress, theme frameworks will give you a noticeable improvement of efficiency. Theme frameworks will help you to eliminate some of the repetitive work that you probably do with each custom theme. In this post I...

How to Deal with Negative Blog Comments

It does hurt, doesn’t it when your blog is on the verge of reaching its zenith, but gets heavily criticized by someone. A lot of bloggers tend to overlook negative blog comments but what they don’t realize is how crucial it is to handle negative comments in an...

10 Great Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers now and what makes it better than others is a huge collection of nice browser extensions which enhances the user experience. Apart from speed, chrome is praised for its simplicity, security and great extensions. They'll...

6 Awesome Plugins to Build Massive Email List

Email subscribers are the most responsive of your readers. They care enough about you, your blog, and will let you send them messages that they’ll see next to emails from their family and loved ones. Your mailing list is the backbone of your marketing efforts and you...

How Can You Optimize Images for Both Readers and Search Engines

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are not only captured by eyes at a fast pace but also retained in memory for quite a long period of time. Images are captured by eyes as a snapshot whereas words are traced line by line, fed into the brain and virtual images...

Learn the Art of Researching Keywords

Increasing your chances of ranking well on Google starts with finding the best keywords to target. The words in the title of your blog post, sub headings, in content of the post, and in the anchor text of links to your blog have a great importance in determining how...

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